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Individualized Education


Morning Class (3 and 4 Year olds)

9:00 am to 12:00 pm  Tuesday – Friday

Full-Day Class (5 and 6 year olds only)

9:00 am to  3:00 pm   Monday – Friday

Care before and after school 7:30 am – 5:00 pm  Tues. – Fri.

Available for enrolled students. No daycare on Mondays.

The Absorbent Mind                                                                

Nature has endowed young children with wonderfully absorbent minds and acute sensitivities, allowing them to acquire certain kinds of knowledge and abilities more completely and easily before age six, than at any time later in their lives. How successfully each child accomplishes these tasks in the early years has a bearing on the amount of knowledge and skill each will have at his/her coming in later years. More importantly, the experiences of the young child will affect the attributes he/she will embrace toward self, the world, and learning. The child is free to use any material to which he has been introduced, and will tend to repeat the activity over a period of time, until an inner need is satisfied. In this way he comes to master the concept, skill or qualities that the material embodies, developing concentration and self-direction. The guide carefully observes each child’s progress, giving new points of interest and challenge when appropriate, but always leafing for the child the joy of accomplishment and discovery.

Your Child’s Teacher and Assistant

It is no coincidence that Montessori teachers are referred to as guides. The teacher is trained to recognize and respect the developmental tendencies and unique potentials operating within each child, and strives to guide him to the activity best suited to him/her at that moment. The teacher has been taught to observe carefully, so that she will present a new lesson to each child as readiness and interest is indicated.

Both Sagebrush Montessori Guides have Montessori certificates and over 25 years of teaching experience. The founder, Karin Hines, guide in one of the classrooms, has earned her AMI certificate in 1984. AMI is an intensive training program in child development, Montessori philosophy and curriculum for specific age levels. AMI, the Association Montessori Internationale, was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1929 and continues to be considered the recognized leader and authority for Montessori education throughout the world.

Each teacher has a full-time assistant, trained by the classroom guide. The assistant is available so that the teacher is free to give lessons as needed. The assistants help with assuring the safety of all children, outdoor supervision, and care of the classroom. She gives encouragement to children to repeat work as well as give selected presentation supervised by the guide.

Why does Sagebrush Montessori have mixed-age groups in each class?                                                                 

Maria Montessori  discovered that putting older and younger children (3-6 year olds) together  helps them learn from and teach each other. This is good for the older children  because they can be useful and helpful to the younger ones, which not only  reinforces what they have learned but enhances their self-esteem as well. The  younger children in turn have role models to fellow and are integrated into the  classroom by these helpful older children. As leaders in the classroom;  kindergarteners enjoy privileges that come with being the oldest and most  experienced students.    If you think  about it, every normal community has mixed grouping of ages.

Full-day Kindergarten (Mon. – Fri. 9-3 pm)

The Extended Day  Program provides the children with more time to reinforce skills. The  teachers introduce curriculum specifically designed for them within  the Montessori environment. Kindergarten  students have to freedom to continue work learned in the morning. They are  engaged in projects of science, art, cooking and a host of other cultural  activities.

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