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Admission Procedure


The goal in the admission process is to work closely with you to help determine whether our program and philosophy is a “good fit” with your goals and family values. Montessori education is concerned with the development of the whole child and our methods are most successful when there is a high degree of congruence between home and school expectations.

Telephone Contact

After your phone inquiry, the office will answer your initial questions and gather basic information about what your are looking for in a school. An appointment and observation may be scheduled at this time.


All prospective parents must observe a classroom in session. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are our scheduled observation days for new families. We ask that you arrive around 9:30, unless arrangements are made for a different time. It is hoped that both parents will observe if possible. We ask that children not accompany parents at this observation to minimize classroom distractions, and to provide parents with an opportunity to fully attend to the classroom environment. You will be given guidelines for non-obtrusive observation. After the observation, you will have an opportunity to discuss your impressions and questions via a follow up telephone call.


When you have gathered enough information to make an informed decision, you may submit the application form, an authorization for request of student records (transfer students only). The $25 application fee is non-refundable.


Admissions decisions for the new school year are made at the end of February. Most children enter the classroom when they are three years old. Placement decisions are made by the Administration. We attempt to balance age, gender and the diverse needs of our student body in admitting children. Information gathered form paperwork and conversations with parents will assist us in finding the best placement for your child.

Please note any special consideration that may be useful in this process. New Early childhood students are considered for admittance according to the following priority:

  • Younger siblings of currently enrolled students or those who attended previously
  • Montessori transfers from other reputable Montessori schools
  • New students according to space available for their age, gender and the order (date) in which they applied.