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Events & Celebrations

Holidays are celebrated in each environment according to the discretion of the classroom teacher.


Halloween usually involved a celebration in the classrooms. Children can wear non-scary costumes and/or face paints for the Halloween Parade around the playground. Special snacks and games are played that day.


The value of thankfulness is brought to the children’s consciousness by helping them become aware of the needs of other people in the world who need help by sharing from our won bountiful lives. The children are encouraged to help collect food for Thanksgiving baskets for the needy.


The Christmas Story is told to the children and a program is planned for parents and relatives. Stories and experiences embody the true spirit of giving and sharing. Hats, mittens, food & toiletries will be collected in Daycare and items are taken to the mission.

Valentine’s Day

Children prepare cards at home for their friends at school to share out on Valentine’s Day. In class children make cards for family members and friends. a special snack, games and exchange of cards mark this day.


The biblical event that happens on Easter is told to the children. Traditional crafts are offered in class.

Father’s Luncheon

A day in spring is set aside when each child may invite in his or her dad or another significant adult. This is a very special day for the children. Preparing for dads and surprising them is so much fun.

Bike Day

This is an all school event! A bike obstacle course is set up in the parking lot. Bike safety and traffic signs are discussed in class. Parent help is needed door this to become a successful event.

Mother’s Day

Every child prepares well in advance for this annual event. Mothers are invited to bring a picnic lunch. The children are preparing a special program and desert for their moms.

Field Day

It is the last morning of the school year. The playground set up with carnival type of activities for the children. The morning concludes with the opening of our hand-crafted piƱatas. Parent help is needed for the success of this event.